Nude Beach Necessities: What to Pack for a Day at a Nude Beach

If you're heading to a nude beach for the first time you might think there's not a lot to pack beyond a beach towel to lay on, but there are a few necessities that will make your day more enjoyable.


Beach Shelter

Shade is your friend. After all, some parts of your body may have never seen the light of day and will be prone to burning. Stay cool and don't get extra crispy by bringing shelter to a less-than-shady beach!

Cute Coverup

You're probably thinking, "but it's a nude beach". And you're right. But getting there (and back again) isn't always nude-friendly, so snag a super cute coverup for the trip. Keep in mind that while nudity is practiced at many beaches, it's not always legal, so having a coverup on hand may also spare you a ticket if law enforcement is well, actually enforcing the law.


Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen ranks right up there with shelter as a nude beach-necessity and we're big fans of reef-safe varieties that protect the ocean for future generations.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.21.28 PM.png


Staring, oogling, openly gawking is taboo at nude beaches but sometimes your eyes just... wander. A cute pair of aviator sunglasses will ensure you don't get busted if your eyes stray. But be respectful, y'all!



So maybe you forgot your shelter. Or forgot to reapply your sunscreen. Sure hope you remembered your aloe! It's the best way to soothe sunburned skin.