Nude Beaches in Hawaii

Real talk: it’s illegal to sunbathe nude on Hawaiian beaches, meaning there are no true nude beaches. However, topless sunbathing is permissible and common throughout the islands. Federal Park Rangers, who are tasked with enforcing the no nudity law, can be hit or miss and the locales mentioned below are often unenforced. Locals aren’t always fans of au natural behavior, so practice Aloha and be respectful.

Big Island, Hawaii Nude Beaches

Kehena Beach, Big Island (aka Dolphin Beach) SHOWN ABOVE

Located in the Big Island’s Puna district, this black-sand beach is not only breathtaking but shielded by cliffs and trees, making it an ideal spot to sunbathe scantily clad. Or, well, not clad at all. Currents are rough here and there are no lifeguards, making swimming less than ideal.

Honokohau Harbor Beach

Konda’s Honokohau Harbor Beach is located within the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, meaning it’s frequently patrolled by Federal Park Rangers making it a risky spot for swimming and sunning au natural. Gay beachgoers frequent this spot.

Kauai, Hawaii Nude Beaches

Kauapea Beach, Kauai (aka Secret Beach) SHOWN ABOVE

Its very name implies that it’s ideal for nude sunbathing and it does not disappoint. Swimming and snorkeling are dangerous in winter months due to large waves, but the yellow sand and stunning coastline make it a sweet spot. Just don’t tell anyone, m’kay?

Donkey Beach, Kauai

Sugar cane fields shield Donkey Beach from the road, making it a desirable spot to shed your suit. However, access to the beach is on private property and the owners have private security to prevent free spirits from sunbathing on the stretch of sand.

Ka’aka’aniu Beach (aka Larsen’s Beach)

The remote nature of Larsen’s Beach makes it a popular nudist spot. Located on Kauai’s northeast shore, it requires a 10-minute walk along a somewhat rocky trail. The payoff is a beach that feels undiscovered, particularly during the week.

Maui, Hawaii Nude Beaches

Kaihalulu Beach, Maui (aka Red Sand Beach) SHOWN ABOVE

Hana’s Kaihalulu Beach is a stunning red stretch of sand that’s challenging to access. Difficult access is a plus when you’re seeking seclusion for nude sunbathing. Park at the Hana Community Center, cross private property (be respectful of the land) and follow a path to the cove. The water is typically calm and ideal for swimming.

Little Beach at Makena, Maui (aka Pu’u Ola’i Beach)

Maui’s Little Beach, accessible from the neighboring Big Beach via a lava path, is a popular spot for topless and nude sunbathing and good for swimming and snorkeling. Show up around 3 pm on Sundays to enjoy the local drum circle, but expect to see a lot more clothed people during that time.

Baldwin Beach, Maui

Maui’s Baldwin Beach Cove is a local spot frequented by free spirits who enjoy toplessness. Nudity is prohibited. This North shore beach, located near mile marker 6 on the Hana Highway, is impacted by seasonal erosion, sometimes causing the entire beach to disappear, so you may find a tangle of trees and rocks in lieu of sand.

Oahu, Hawaii Nude Beaches

Polo Beach, Oahu SHOWN ABOVE

Located on Oahu’s North Shore near Kaena Point, Polo Beach is often overlooked in favor of Mokuleia Beach Park. That, coupled with its long stretch of sand make it nudist-friendly. The cove is protected by a reef, making for great swimming with little current. Mornings at the beach are quiet and easier to find a solitary spot; crowds pick up around lunchtime. Skip the sunset as some beachgoers tend to engage in openly sexual behavior later in the day.

Kahuku Beach, Oahu

This spacious white-sand beach is a favorite of locals for fishing, surfing, or picnics. Swimming is all but impossible due to a rocky ocean bottom and dangerous ocean shelf. High sand dunes shield nudists from prying eyes, but minimal shade makes sunscreen a necessity.

Molokai, Hawaii Nude Beaches

Papohaku Beach, Molokai SHOWN ABOVE

While there are no officially designated clothing optional beaches on Molokai, Papohaku Beach, one of the world’s longest beaches, has long stretches of solitary sand, perfect for shedding your suit and soaking up the sun.