Bahia Honda, Florida Keys

Bahia Honda, Florida Keys

Bahia Honda is an island in the lower Florida Keys. The name means "Deep Bay" in Spanish and in 1992 Bahia Honda State Park was the first ever Florida beach to make #1 on Dr. Beach's famous "Best Beaches" list. The channel at the Bahia Honda's west end is one of the deepest natural channels in the Florida Keys.

The island was heavily damaged during the hurricanes and the oceanside is still closed due to the damage, but Calusa Beach is open. The small gulf-side beach has a little shade and a few picnic table. Bring your own umbrella or sunshade.

Wildlife is coming back following the storm and Great Egrets, Great White Herons, Osprey, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Pelicans, and Fritillary Butterflies have all been spotted. Sunsets are still magnificent and old Bahia Honda Railroad bridge makes a stunning point of interest as the sun sinks over the horizon.


  • Fly into Key West Airport and drive less than an hour north. Alternately if you want to do a fun road trip in the Keys, fly into Miami Airport and drive about three hours south to Bahia Honda.



  • Paddle out in a clear kayak so you can enjoy all the marine life the Keys has to offer.