Hale Pele Tiki Bar, Portland, Oregon

Hale Pele Tiki Bar, Portland, Oregon

Located in the Grant Park section of Portland, Oregon, Hale Pele Tiki Bar was named the number three Tiki bar in the world in 2017 by Critiki.

In its previous incarnation, the space was the modern Tiki Bar, Thatch. It was purchased in 2012 by Blair Reynolds, who improved the drink menu and used his childhood love of Disneyland to turn the space into the glorious Hale Pele that it is today. And that shows in the immersive experience, complete with rain and thunder sounds that go off on the hour and are complemented by a healthy dose of smoke from the fog machine.

At least three of Hale Pepe’s drinks come with some serious fire-power. Literally, they feature a six-foot flame.  The menu is an actual book with an abundance of choices that include Tiki drawing marking the alcohol level in each drink. The classics are here: the Pina colada, the chi-chi, and the Blue Hawaiian, as is the flaming Volcano Bowl that serves four.

If you’re a local and frequent guest, the bar has a cocktail loyalty program called the Ancient Order of Water Bearers. Get a guide to begin your journey and staff will mark your completed cocktails in the guide. Once you’ve completed the list, you’ll be recognized as a Chief Water Bearer of the Ancient Order of Water Bearers and be granted a custom kukui nut necklace, which entitles you to 20% off food and drinks every Sunday. There’s also a rum loyalty program, called the Loyal Order of Fire Drinkers comprised of 50 rums and if you complete the challenge you’re granted a custom engraved medallion, which entitles you to 20% off food and drinks every Sunday.

The food menu is island-inspired and hits the highlights: edamame, poke, and pork sliders, but also has unique fare like Hawaiian bread (grilled an served with guava jam), savory pork lumpia, and kimchi dogs.

Hours are 4 pm-midnight Sunday through Thursday and 4 pm-1 am Friday and Saturday. Happy Hour is from 5-6 pm daily and includes a list of eight Tiki cocktails that are only $6. No reservations are required, however, if you have a larger group, the Chieftain’s Hut is a private booth that seats up to 12 and can be reserved ahead of time. Only one booking per evening is allowed, so reserve early for special occasions!