VIDEO: The Willy-T

The Willy-T, Norman Island, BVI

Update: In May 2018, the new Willy-T arrived in the BVI only to be told it no longer had an anchorage in the Bight at Norman Island. The party boat found a new home in Great Harbour on Peter Island.

Anchored in the Bight at Norman Island, The William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant, is commonly referred to as the Willy-T. Known for its late-night debauchery – complete with shotskis and body shots – the Willy-T is a swim in bar. Your grand exit is made by jumping from the top deck and swimming back to your boat.

Created in 1989 by Mick and Annie Gardner the Willy-T is now run by their son-in-law, Ewan Anderson. The original Willy-T was a 1935 wooden Baltic Trader, which sprung a leak and sank in June 1995. In January of 1996, a 100 foot steel hull boat was put into service as the new Willy-T until that boat was later damaged in September 2017’s Hurricane Irma. As of this writing, the owners are working on getting the Willy-T back up and running.

The Willy-T typically gets hopping around lunchtime – there’s a menu of bar food, burgers, hotdogs and the like –  and the party goes into the wee hours. The next morning you may find a temporary Willy-T pirate tattoo on a random spot on your body. We’ll never tell how it got there!