VIDEO: La Plata Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

La Plata Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa La Plata on the island of Vieques is known by many names: La Platita, Platita, La Plata, Playa Plateada and Silver Beach. La Plata is the last beach on the southern end of Vieques and the secluded half-mile long crescent-shaped bay features soft, white sand and minimal waves, making it good for snorkeling.

La Plata has a few turn offs for parking and is a quick walk to the beach from your car, but offers no services. No food, no bathrooms, no beach bar, and no shade. The length of the beach, coupled with the rutted road to it, mean that you’ll have plenty of space to yourself.

The best snorkel spots are at either end of the crescent near the rocks, but the highlight of La Plata is the smaller second beach to the left of the main beach. At a glance, it might look like a long swim, but in reality, it’s a nice walk through hip-deep water. Prior to Hurricane Irma, the beach was known for its stacked coral sculptures created by the locals. The video above shows La Plata in its pre-Hurricane Irma state.

The beach borders the restricted area of the island, where unexploded ordinances can be found. However the beach area is well marked, so as long as you follow the signs and stay in the marked areas, you’ll be safe.


  • Getting There: Fly Cape Air or take the ferry from Fajardo, Puerto Rico to Vieques. To get to La Plata, a rental car with 4WD is a must. The road is super rutted  with large exposed rocks, and narrows as you get closer to the beach.